“My goal for the ECA Challenge was to lose a few pounds and gain muscle. I know, probably the goal of most people. The reason I set this goal was to help with my true passion: running. I plan on running my first ultra marathon in April. An ultra marathon is 50k which equals out to 31.06 miles. In order to run this distance and feel strong throughout all those miles, I need some guidance and motivation with my nutrition and workouts. The Challenge offered this opportunity.  Thanks to the personal training sessions with Kiel, the weekly team workouts, and the nutritional seminars, I am in the best running condition I have ever been in. Oh yeah,  Did I mention the incentive to attend every boot camp for 2 months, and the looming weekly weigh-ins where each week I aimed to see a smaller number? My runs are faster and longer. I feel strong to the very end.  Losing 10 pounds during the Challenge was an added plus!

I want to thank all the trainers at ECA for their support and motivation.  With their guidance and knowledge, I am well prepared for my race! Who knows…..maybe next year I’ll run a 100k!”