I’ve been coming to ECA for almost two years. I started at 34% body fat, and around 220 pounds. Now, I’m 185 pounds with 26% body fat! Most of the change came in the last few months, when Clayton and Mikey, at ECA, advised me to lift more to put on muscle.


I have been working with Clayton since March of this year, and can honestly say, it’s been an amazing experience! In 2016, I got into a terrible car crash that left me with chronic pain and very little motivation to get back into the gym. I knew that I would have to start from scratch, which is why I decided to work with a trainer.

In the last several months, Clayton has pushed me out of my comfort zone, in the best way. I’ve not only gained muscle and strength, but he has really helped me feel comfortable and confident in the gym! I am extremely appreciative of his encouragement and training. I didn’t think I could ever get back into the shape I was in before my car crash, and I finally feel like I’ve accomplished my goals!


Emerald city athletics has really helped me in my journey for better overall health! When I first got to ECA, my body fat was at 26%, and I weighed about 200 pounds, which was all too high for my height and body type.

Through rigorous training, and follow ups with Shanice, I have been able to reach a body fat percentage of 17%, and my weight is down to 178 pounds! I couldn't be happier with my results. Shanice pushes me to do better, and it really helps!


I’ve been a Member of Emerald City Athletics for a little over a year. When I came to ECA, I had lost over 100 pounds, but hadn’t worked out during the nine months that it took me to lose that amount of weight. As you can imagine, I was physically very weak. My goal was to strength train and build muscle, but I really didn’t know where to begin.

The Fitness Consultant, that signed me up for my membership, let me know that I would be given three training sessions for free, as part of my membership, and monthly check-ins with a trainer! I was sold, and on my way to a new life experience!

I met with Cassie for my first three workouts, and she is AMAZING! She decided, based on my fitness goals, to pick Anthony as my Trainer. I have been training with Anthony for a year; one hour a day, five days a week. His training is physically and mentally challenging, but he has never made me do something that was above my ability. He educates me on the way my muscles work when I’m doing different movements, and continues to educate and help me with my nutrition. He is one of the reasons that I’m studying to be a Trainer too. He inspires me by his knowledge, passion for fitness, and helping others be better by exceeding their own expectations.

If you are searching for an awesome trainer to help you reach your fitness goals and beyond, I would HIGHLY recommend Anthony! My past year at ECA has been life changing for me. I didn’t realize when I signed on the dotted line for my membership that I was getting a community of supportive, encouraging people who care about my fitness goals as much as I do. They are willing to help in any way they can. I’ve become stronger, lost more weight, made a lot of friends, and met a ton of very friendly people. I’m blessed to be a member of such a great gym, and I’m extremely grateful to the management, Anthony, the trainers, and front end staff for all that you do for me. You are all amazing people!


My weight loss journey started before I entered ECA. To start off, my heaviest weight was 299 pounds. I was 30 years old, and I only checked my weight because my knees were hurting when I walked. My weight was increasing dramatically since my parents passed away.

In 18 months, I had gained 137 pounds. I decided this truly would be my heaviest weight. So, on my own, I cut my calories in half. Literally everything I wanted to eat, I would cut in half. This got me down to 36% body fat and 241 pounds in six months. My knees didn't hurt anymore! I wanted to do more for myself and my health.

So as a birthday present to myself, I went “gym shopping.” I toured several gyms, but finally felt at home at ECA. I toured with Austin, and was assigned an amazing trainer named Ryan. When asked what my goals were, I didn't have any besides not feeling good, and not dying in my 50's, like my parents. With that in mind, we started talking about food and fitness routines. I took it seriously, and did everything I could, as awkward and uncoordinated as I was. Ryan showed more patience than I thought possible, pushed me, and kept me accountable. I started seeing my body change slowly. I even competed in the ECA games! I hurt myself several times, but I kept going.

The gym became my one non-negotiable in life. The turmoil of daily life, the losses, hardships, and dramas all fell away. My decision to join the Body Composition Challenge was made as a personal goal. I knew there was no way I could win, I just wanted to beat myself each week. My trainer changed to the absolutely amazing Danny, who continues to push me, and help me along today. At this moment, I am 153 pounds, and my body fat is 16%. Everyone I have met here at ECA has helped me, supported me, inspired me, and kept me coming back. Thank you for a truly special place, full of the greatest people I could ever meet.