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Do you want to change your life for the better but you’re not sure where to start? See what our members have to say and check out the results of a membership at our Seattle area gym!

As a busy real estate agent and mom who turned 50 this year, I am constantly on the run, and I noticed I was not taking care of myself. I wanted to take ownership of my health and well-being, so I decided to join ECA. The proximity to home, the Champions Training classes, the coaches, and the community atmosphere made it very appealing.

I have learned what works and what doesn’t work for me over the years. I made a commitment to myself to come in for Champions Training classes 2-4 times a week. On the other days, my goal is to walk and get steps. I’ve had several non-scale victories since joining—I feel stronger, I have more energy, I’m less lethargic, it’s easier to walk up hills, I squatted 115lbs., and my clothes fit looser. I also have lost about 13lbs. I FINALLY accepted that this is the long game and that being healthy takes time! My current fitness goal is to continue getting stronger, building muscle, losing body fat, and feeling good!

If someone asked me why they should join ECA, I would tell them the feeling you get after you finish a Champions Training class is the best feeling in the world! No matter how hard, tough, or seemingly impossible it is, you will get through it, and you will feel good. The coaches are truly amazing and work with you where you are at. They push you to work hard but don’t yell at you like it’s a boot camp. I’ve worked out in many places, and ECA is excellent!



I had two goals when I joined ECA. The first was to recover from a major shoulder surgery. I wanted to gain strength, flexibility, and confidence. My second goal was to become a fitter person—lose 20lbs and see my 6-pack abs.

I’ve been a member now for two months and I’m down 5lbs and noticeably more muscular with my abs starting to show. I have more flexibility, strength, and confidence in my recovering shoulder. I also have more energy and confidence in my daily life. What I didn’t expect is that I found something to belong to. I’ve connected with other members and staff on a personal level. Their success is my success. Last month’s field day and monthly all club party were great ways to connect with other members and staff.

I currently work out three days in a row (and take 1 off) so I can hit a lower, upper, and core body workouts. I mostly do Fitness workouts in the Champions classes, but I’m starting to do Performance workouts 1-2 times a week. I try to treat each workout as a challenge and give an all-out effort for each rep, set, round, minute or second! I find internal motivation by yelling and screaming ‘encouragement’ at my fellow members. When fellow members smile back even when they’re hurting, it motivates me even more!

After achieving only modest results after the first 30 days, I tried to focus more on my diet. I read the information on Precision Nutrition to find my target calorie goal and I started seeing better results when I tracked my daily calories and planned my meals. Meal prep and smoothies helped me avoid over-eating and snacking. I don’t obsess about my calorie tracking. I may have an indulgence meal or high calorie day occasionally, but I don’t beat myself up about it. I start each day new!

The staff at ECA make it feel easy because they’re non-judgmental. The monthly Reprogram Seminars help you stay on track and identify your next steps. The hardest part is going to your first Champions Training Class but hurting the morning after will never feel so good! You will never do the same workout in a row, and you will never work out alone in Champions Training!


I started Champions Training in 2018. I busted my butt for two years before I got some unfortunate news about my personal health. I was diagnosed with cancer, which forced me to swap out my daily training sessions for daily chemotherapy treatments. Leaving the gym behind and watching all my progress melt away was depressing. Fortunately, I had a successful recovery, and six months ago I was able to return to Champions Training. Starting up again wasn’t easy, but with the help of Coach Adan and the rest of the 6AM class, my training is back on track and going great.

I’ve been happy with my results so far. I’ve seen steady improvements on the club’s InBody Scale and with my performance. The first two months were difficult, and I was usually too sore or exhausted to attend for more than two days in a row. Getting to the point where I can attend five days a week has been a welcomed personal achievement.

The best parts about Champions Training are the expert coaches and the supportive nature of the class. I admire Coach Adan’s patience and persistence. He keeps the whole class on track, keeps us moving, and helps us improve our mechanics. I also like the positive vibes of the 6AM class in Wallingford. It’s a supportive group with some hardcore athletes that motivate and encourage the rest of us to do our best. There is a “choose your own adventure” aspect of the class that gives us the option of picking between workouts focused on cardio fitness or strength performance. Either way, the best workouts are the ones without burpees. Nobody likes burpees.

My main goal is to stay consistent and show up on a regular basis. It can be hard to drag myself into class when I am sore or feeling run down. Fortunately, those tough days have become less frequent over time. If I keep up this pace, then I should be able to do pull-ups again soon!


I moved to Washington two years ago and wanted to find something that felt like home. I don’t live too far from ECA, so I made an appointment to check out the club. A fitness facilitator gave me an InBody scan and a tour. At the time, my goal was just to show up every day and feel good again. I was sold when I saw that they had the Champions Training Program.

Since joining ECA 1.5 years ago, I have gained 2.9lbs muscle mass and lost 2.5% bodyfat. I’ve become stronger both physically and mentally, I have more energy, and I am happier. I can now bench press 175lbs, Squat 225lbs and Deadlift 260lbs. Those are just a few of my goals I have achieved so far, as I do set small goals for myself daily. I work out at the club at least 5 days a week and sometimes twice a day. I also attend the monthly reprogram seminars, which are super helpful!

My Current goal is to gain 1lb muscle mass and lose 6% bodyfat in the next 30 days. But my goals for the year are to be able to do 3 strict pull-ups and 3 toes to bar (TTB) by the end of the year. I know I can do it with the guidance and support of the ECA coaches!

I would highly recommend the Champions Training Classes to anyone. Talk to the coaches and tell them what your goals are. You will not only see physical results, but you will also gain friendships at ECA. They have social events where you can get to know all the people you see every day at the club. Not only will you have the support of the coaches, but you’ll have gym buddies! It’s not just a gym, but a community!


When I first joined ECA a year ago to improve my health and wellness, I went sporadically without following a specific workout regimen. Although I would run on the treadmill and work different machines, I wasn’t seeing the progress I was looking for.

My friend who also goes to ECA, on the other hand, was making great progress at the gym. She recommended I try out a Champions Training class because it was helping her reach her goals.

I was reluctant and unsure if a class setting was right for me, but I gave it a shot. To my surprise, I really enjoyed having the support and guidance from the coaches, especially with my nutrition. They build daily workouts with different options, which has allowed me to progress as my skill level grows. They also post the workouts online so I can complete them in my own time if I get busy.

Every month I attend a reprogram seminar to check-in with my trainer and discuss my progress. My current fitness goals are to increase my muscle mass, decrease fat mass, and do 4.5 push-ups. Since starting my journey, I have decreased my body fat by 2%, lost 8lbs, and significantly increased my energy level. The Champions Training classes have been a great tool for helping me stay consistent and reach my wellness goals!


I have been doing Champions Training for one year now and I’ve lost about 16.7 pounds of body fat and gained nearly 7.3 pounds of muscle mass. Ever since I started working out consistently, I’ve noticed that it’s much easier for me to stay on top of other aspects of my life, such as my coursework. The discipline that it requires to get to the gym and push through a workout on a regular basis carries over easily to things such as studying. 

My favorite part about Champions Training is the people! I LOVE the encouragement that I get from the coaches and the other members, but I love encouraging others even more. The atmosphere is always positive, and I adore the feeling that we’re all in this together. My current fitness goal is to bench 100 pounds and deadlift 170 pounds. I’m really close to achieving these goals, so they’re stepping-stones to my longer-term goals of benching a plate (i.e. 125 pounds) and deadlifting 200 pounds someday.

As a full-time student I have a limited budget, but the investment that I’ve made in myself through Champions Training is worth so much more than the membership costs. I had no idea where to start when I first signed up, but now I know that I’m capable of achieving the results that I want and I’m confident that I know what I’m doing when I walk into a gym!


I joined ECA to build strength and to support my running hobby. At first, I just wanted to basically get in shape and help prevent injuries from running regularly. My goal was simply to run more and feel better. The InBody scan and the consultation with an ECA coach motivated me to track my nutrition and strive to lose weight and gain muscle.

Since I joined ECA at the end of December, I’ve gained about 5lbs muscle mass and my body fat percentage dropped from over 25% to 18%. I ran 70 miles total in February which was a personal best for me. I also ran the Everett Half Marathon in March, which was my first half marathon and the most miles I’ve ever ran at once. And I met my goal in under two hours!

I am running another half marathon in Nashville soon and my goal is to run it under 9 min/mile. I will continue to run 2-3 times a week and weight train 2-3 times per week as well as monitor my nutrition to achieve this goal and continue to gain strength.

ECA is a great fitness center. It is large with lots of options to meet specific goals. The coaches are friendly and helpful. They given me great advice and coaching to help me improve my strength and overall health.

Matt M

I joined ECA in January 2022 after meeting one of the coaches and seeing his genuine enthusiasm for the club. After two years of “cabin fever”, I needed something physically and mentally healthy to do besides just going to work. I’m an avid cyclist, and I wanted to build overall strength and fitness, and have a bit less weight to carry uphill going into the summer riding season.

I have been working with Coach Greg for a few months now, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without his help. My goal with PT was to get refreshed on form for compound lifts like squats and deadlifts. You can watch all the YouTube videos you want but having instant feedback and instruction from a coach has allowed me to push myself to lift heavier than I thought I could, while most importantly not injuring myself. 

Since I started, my body weight has dropped while my lean mass has increased. The monthly InBody scans are very helpful because you get validation that the work you are putting in is in line with your goals. My watts per kilogram (w/kg) power output on the bike is much higher at this point in the year compared to previous years, and I can attribute that to weight training at ECA. I currently have a few 100+ mile bike rides planned for the summer, and I’d like to continue to lean out and increase strength.

ECA is an awesome gym. In my opinion, it doesn’t have the typical “gym culture” that can really be a turn off for many; just a group of people that are there to improve themselves. There is no pressure from the staff to “buy this or sign up for that” etc., and I appreciate that greatly. There is the opportunity to work out solo, or get with a group of like-minded people for the Champion’s classes, whatever you feel like on the day.

Matt S

I joined ECA because I wanted to surround myself with other like-minded fitness folks who share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle. My goal was to build a sense of community with others, and I joined the Champions Training Program to help me along my fitness journey. I have achieved some amazing results with the community that I found!

I joined the ECA Run Club in Wallingford and the results from what I have learned about running have been a game-changer for me. I went from struggling to run 2 miles on the treadmill in 30 minutes to being able to complete a 10K and a half marathon scheduled for June 18th. I have learned to love running and created a passion for it.

I have a fitness coach that puts my workouts together and guides me through my fitness transformation and I really enjoy leveraging ECA as a tool to help me along my journey. The group classes are amazing, and I thrive in the setting and enjoy the “fitness” portion of the Champions Training classes. I like to use ECA’s Champions classes for when I am feeling spicy and want to have a two-a-day workout.

My current fitness goal is to continue to execute my summer cut. I want to get down to 9% body fat with an overall end goal of 8% and keep my muscle mass the same or increase it. I would tell people to join ECA for a sense of community and accountability. The cheering and support that comes out of the Champions Training Program are amazing. Everyone is supportive and welcoming, which just makes the daunting pressure of joining a gym way easier.


I became a Champions member in Nov 2020, but I went to class very sporadically during all of 2021 because of a demanding work schedule. I realized I wasn’t happy with that, and I had been to class enough to know I was impressed with the amount of technical teaching the trainers there provided. They were teaching the movements in an easy way, correcting my form, and helping me and everyone in the class, just like what you would get in a personal training session. I knew that I could go far under this program so I changed my work schedule and committed to Champions Training at least 4 times a week.

I began cleaning up my diet a little at a time with the recommendations I got in the monthly reprogram seminars and upped my calories and protein to match my workout load. I want to say that it takes time, trial and error, and consistency to change your life, and a positive mindset. I’m starting my 4th month and am just now getting the hang of eating and working out in a way that is getting results and is achievable for me.

I thought that I would never be able to back squat again due to old horseback riding spine injuries, but I can now squat without any pain at all because I have built a correct, strong foundation. Similarly, I was not able to front squat, snatch, or clean because of preexisting carpal tunnel, but I can now work every plane of movement without even a hint of pain. My body is responding really well to what we’re doing, I feel healthy again, I’m sleeping well, and my energy is up! Most of all I feel happier and more like myself. I really appreciate that each trainer has met me where I’m at and let me go at my own pace, but has pushed me farther than I would have gone on my own.

My favorite thing about Champions Training is working out in a group! It’s motivating and really fun to see a lot of the same people every day. I can’t recommend it enough to someone starting out or wanting to get back into it because the workouts are made for you, you will get your questions answered, and you will very likely end up loving this part of your day!


I joined ECA to get back to a more active lifestyle, become stronger, and be part of a community that will help hold me accountable. I’ve stuck to a nutrition plan, and I regularly attend Champions Training Classes. So far, I have gained more muscle mass, I have more energy throughout the day, and I’ve strengthened previous injuries. My current fitness goal is to continue gaining strength and to do a strict pull up!

The coaches at ECA always help hold me accountable, even on days when l don’t feel like working out! I highly recommend the Champions Training Classes because they will challenge you, while still allowing you to go at your own pace. I also enjoy all the club’s amenities for recovering after a hard workout, like the hydro massage beds.


I joined ECA because climbing a mountain is a big goal of mine and preparing for that in a basic home gym wasn’t going to suffice. ECA seemed to be a good option in the neighborhood. It was spacious, followed COVID protocols, and the gym environment was welcoming. The gym is well-equipped—I’m a fan of those hydro-beds!

Since joining ECA, I’ve reduced my body fat percentage from 34% to 29.5%. I’ve increased my skeletal muscle mass by 3 lbs while cutting down 5.7 lbs of bodyfat. I haven’t lost much weight on the scale, only 1 lb, but my body composition has changed quite a bit in 4 months! I can also do gym movements better.

I’m not looking for PRs, I just try to come to the gym consistently. I am part of the Champions Training Program and I try to make it to the class 3-4 times a week. The Champions community at ECA is nice and the coaches are friendly. They break down the complex moves for you, so you don’t feel lost if you don’t know a certain movement. I pay attention to the scoring (rounds + reps) equation which they follow, and I try to give my best to get the maximum points I can each time!

Once a week I do yoga for active recovery and on weekends I go for one strenuous hike with increasing backpack weight. To build-up leg strength, I signed up for personal training sessions with Millie once a week, which generally go in-sync with the Champions class.

I am a recreational hiker and I’m taking it up a notch this year with mountaineering as a goal. I have signed up to climb Mt. Baker this year. It’s going to be a 3 day climb of 10,781 feet with a 40+lb backpack in the last week of June. The last big hike I did was Camp Muir (Rainier base camp), which is 4,640 feet of elevation in 8 miles with a 30lb backpack at 10k feet elevation. Thanks to my training regimen, I was able to complete it successfully! Counts as a small win towards the big goal.


I wanted to join a gym to lose weight and get back into shape, somewhat for myself and a lot for my children. I wanted to be a good role model and show them that hard work and perseverance can and will pay off. I decided on ECA after taking a tour of the club and seeing how friendly the staff was, and especially how the members were all very welcoming. I instantly knew I wanted to get to be part of that.

My process is to prepare meals every week so that I only need to think about my meals and do the macros one day a week. I also do the Champions Training classes eight times a week Monday-Friday. So far, I have lost over 30lbs and about 6% body fat. Not only that, but I can also feel the workouts getting easier. I could never do squats or lunges due to a knee injury and now I feel confident when I do them. My current goal is to lose another 30lbs so I can start to feel more confident.

I would and have told people I know to join ECA because of the atmosphere. You can work out anywhere, but at ECA everyone tries their hardest to look out for one another, not just staff but members as well. It’s great energy as soon as you walk in, and it makes me want to come to the club more than twice a day.


When I first joined ECA a few years back, it was to stay active and maintain good health. As a father of three, it’s important to me to stay around as long as possible to see my kids grow up and be active and relevant in their lives. Meaning not sitting down and watching, but rather participating in all their shenanigans.

Consistency with a plan is essential for me, but because of a sporadic work travel schedule, it’s difficult for me to be consistent. So, I joined the Champions Training Program to remove the guesswork. Now all I do is show up to any of the multiple classes ECA offers each day and follow the WOD. I randomly show up to 3 or 4 classes a week, wherever an hour presents itself, and the coaches take it from there. All I have to do is show up, participate, and try to maintain a healthy diet when I get home.

So far, I’ve noticed my mental clarity has improved, I have more energy, I’m happier, I sleep better, and I have better focus. I’ve also experienced the typical improvements due to consistency in the gym, i.e., increased strength, greater flexibility, improved aerobic endurance, etc. I’ve gained muscle mass, my lifts have improved, and my clothes fit better. My physique is looking more like it did in my twenties when I was in the military (USMC).

Six pack abs would be nice, but currently my goal is to improve my olympic style lifting, as it helps with shoulder mobility, and functional movements. As a 46-year-old with four shoulder surgeries and plenty of strains throughout the years, I’d like to be able to complete a “Half MURPH”, or just a bunch of pull-ups, pushups, squats, and running.

I’d recommend ECA and the Champions Training Program to anyone because of the way it feels intrinsically, and the way it feels extrinsically to be a part of the ECA community. Doing something positive and healthy is never a bad decision. Just get started!