The VOPA System

Dominate your life goals!

Do you want to change your life for the better but you’re not sure where to start? VOPA is ECA’s proven 4-step system to dominate any life goal. We use this time-tested fitness program at our Seattle gym to guide you through the journey from where you are to where you want to be in respect to your health and fitness goals.

If you adhere to the VOPA System you will get the results you want — guaranteed!

Step 1: Vision

Your vision is your why. Why is it so important to you to accomplish your fitness goals? Do you want to become a healthier person so you can be a better mother, father, spouse, or employee? We will guide you in creating a clear end in mind.

Step 2: Objectives

Your objectives are your what. What exactly do you want to accomplish? How many pounds do you want to lose? How much lean mass do you want to gain? Do you want to run a marathon? We will walk you through identifying both quantifiable and non-scalable metrics that matter.

Step 3: Process

Your process is your how. We have a results-driven strategy to ensure you win.

Our Strategy

The 5 Components of Fitness

That strategy, regardless of differences in lifestyles and fitness backgrounds, is our 5 Components of Fitness. Each one of these components is individualized to ensure our members achieve results and create a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle.


The first component is proper nutrition. Nutrition is 75-80% of your success when it comes to changing your body composition, did you know that? It is also important to eat the right percentages of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats so you have good energy and lose body fat.

These percentages and calories are different for everyone, so one of the things we do is provide the members at our fitness center in Seattle with nutrition planning that is personalized for your body, food preferences, and goals.


The second component is cardiorespiratory exercise. This component is the quickest way to burn the highest number of calories in the shortest amount of time possible and exercises the most important muscle in our body, which is the heart. Cardio workouts and fitness programs from our Seattle professionals are geared towards burning calories in the most effective way; to build your overall endurance and stamina.


The third component is resistance training. Guided workouts to build lean muscle throughout your body, and tighten & tone all of your “trouble” areas at the same time. This component is crucial for fat loss or muscle gain.


Our fourth component to achieving overall fitness is recovery. In addition to exercise, your body needs the proper amount of time to recover and repair itself. This recovery and repair process can be achieved while you are sleeping, by taking rest days, from foam rolling, stretching, and even by enjoying our Hydro Massage beds after every workout.

Accountability, Motivation, Guidance

The final component of our fitness program for our Seattle clients is accountability, motivation, and guidance. Accountability is also the 4th and final step of our VOPA System. You can have the perfect plan, but none of your hard work means anything unless you are held to account. Everybody’s level of accountability varies, and because of that we’ve designed four different program options depending on what level of accountability you need.