Train Like a Champion.

Achieve the best fitness results possible through ECA’s Champions Training.

Our Champions Training is for individuals who want to maximize accountability, guidance, and ongoing coaching. We designed this specialized program with both the beginner and the advanced exerciser in mind. It consists of four services:

Orientation. A coach will provide a 1-hour orientation to all new Champions Training members. Here you’ll learn the foundational movements of this program and gain the confidence and mental confidence you’ll need before taking your first class.

Unlimited Champions Classes. Each 60-minute Champions workout is designed to work both the cardiovascular system and the muscular system at the same time. Under the watchful eye of one of our most experienced certified coaches, you’ll utilize progressive resistance training, strength training, and cardio in high-intensity intervals. Each class will offer two different workout options: “Fitness” for beginners and “Performance” for advanced exercisers.

If you opt for it, we’ll connect you to Heart Rate Technology (HRT) to track your heartrate throughout the workout. Our HRT will allow you to glean instant feedback on your effort and performance to help guide and motivate you on the path of continuous improvement. We offer about 50 Champions classes seven days per week at both the Seattle and Everett location, making it easy to find a class that accommodates your schedule.

Specialty Seminars. ECA provides monthly seminars on topics carefully selected to help Champions Training Program members achieve their goals. Topics include nutrition, mobility, technical skills training, and more. If you adhere to taking a Champions class three days per week along with proper nutrition, we guarantee you’ll reach your desired results quickly.

Community Events. Join us for hikes, outdoor classes and other events – all included as a member of Champions Training!


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