Neil Schober

Neil Schober


Starting out as a trainer, Neil steadily advanced his career in the fitness industry until he founded his own club, Harts Athletics in Seattle, in 1987. He spent 11 years as the owner of Harts Athletics and used his drive and focus to turn the facility into an award-winning establishment that was voted the best fitness company in Washington State. Neil founded Emerald City Athletics in 2010 with that same sense of determination for success.

Josh Kaplan

Josh Kaplan

Partner | Executive VP

Josh has had a great passion for fitness since his youth. He started as a two sport all-county athlete (Football and Wrestling); obsessed with working out and reading every magazine he could find on gaining muscle, nutrition and supplements. After a severe football injury prevented him from continuing in sports, he shifted into working in gyms and has been in the fitness industry now for over 20 years. Josh has a passion for helping people grow in their confidence in fitness and believes that being healthy and self-confident is the most impactful personal change an individual can make.

Josh Kaplan

Stephanie Bidondo

Fitness Director

Stephanie’s initial passion for fitness came from the confidence it gave her at a young age. She grew up in Boise, Idaho where she played soccer, competed in track and field, and graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. She also achieved a CrossFit L1 Certification. Stephanie loves her job as fitness director at ECA, because she gets to connect with the coaches and members inside the clubs and be a part of their community by encouraging and equipping them to be successful in achieving their goals.

Emily Schori

District Coordinator

Emily was born and raised here in the beautiful PNW. As the District Coordinator for ECA, she oversees billing, HR, and other administrative responsibilities for all ECA locations. In her free time, Emily enjoys backpacking, kayaking, yoga, and spending time with her dog, Sitka. Emily is passionate about helping people and believes working together is the best way to achieve any goal and build strong relationships to live a happier, healthier life.

Zack Bradford

Dave Kaipi

General Manager | Columbia City

Dave has 25+ years of experience in the fitness industry and has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Exercise Sport Science. He was a competitive bodybuilder in the early 90s and held titles such as Mr. Oregon and Mr. Pacific Coast. Dave has been happily married to his wife of 16 years and has been blessed with eight beautiful children. He is proud to be a leader in the ECA family and community.

Patrick Fidler

Patrick Fidler

General Manager | Wallingford

Patrick was born and raised in Enumclaw, WA. He discovered his passion for fitness in his middle school Conditioning PE class when he started running and lifting weights every day and that passion continued to grow after high school when he discovered group training. Today, as a General Manager for ECA, Patrick loves to help others and see the joy people have when they see themselves making such great progress toward a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Zack Bradford

Zack Bradford

General Manager | Everett

Zack has lived in the Seattle area his whole life. Growing up, he was never into fitness. In fact, he was extremely overweight as a kid, weighing 300lbs at his heaviest. During his teenage years he started playing ice hockey 7 days a week and lost over 150lbs in 1.5 years. Zack didn’t step foot into a gym until he was 18 years old and instantly became addicted to getting results. He started working out, gaining muscle, and went from 160lbs to 200lbs. Zack began his career in the fitness industry 4 years ago with a mission to help others achieve the same success and results he has experienced.

Marvin Kimani

Dakota Sheffield

Assistant General Manager | Columbia City

Dakota first discovered fitness and nutrition when he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 23. He had surgery and decided at that moment that he needed to do whatever it took to stay healthy for the rest of his life and minimize the chances of the cancer ever coming back. That passion and drive to protect his health is what led Dakota to love all aspects of fitness and inspired him to help people people change their lives for the better through health and fitness.

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