Health & Safety

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Keeping You Safe

The health and safety of our members is our top priority.

We’re doing everything we can to ensure the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t interfere with you achieving your desired fitness results. The doors to our clubs are open and we continue to offer a robust schedule of Champions classes during these ever-changing circumstances. However, we’re taking extensive health and safety measures with new guidelines in place to provide all our members a safe fitness experience.

A healthy immune system is the #1 defense to combat the COVID-19 virus. Exercise increases the circulation of your immune cells, which can locate and fight viruses. It also decreases inflammation in the body which can further improve immunity.

Neil Schober

Face Coverings Required

In accordance with the state’s indoor masking mandate, we are requiring everyone inside our club to wear a face mask at all times, regardless of vaccination status.

Neil Schober

Good Health Verification

One of our team members will check your temperature upon entering the club to ensure you are in good health.

Neil Schober

Social Distancing

Class sizes have been reduced and we are maintaining social distance between our cardio and weight machines for your safety.

Neil Schober

Extra Sanitization

We are wiping down machines, equipment and other frequently touched areas with disinfectant between each use and as often as possible.

Neil Schober

Limited Amenities

We have temporarily closed some of our amenities where it’s difficult to maintain a safe distance from one another.

Neil Schober

Educated Staff

Every employee on our team is up to speed on the latest CDC guidelines and committed to following protocols and processes to keep our members safe.