Sean – Monroe club

Hello, my name is Sean I am a coach at the Monroe location. My passion for fitness was discovered when I successfully trained myself to achieve the Presidential Fitness Award in 5th grade. My passion stayed with me in many forms: martial arts, wrestling, football, powerlifting, and competitive obstacle course races. After high school, I spent six years in the U.S. Army where my hunger for knowledge leads me to Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina.

I found my calling while earning my B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science, as strength and conditioning coach. I obtained my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification from the – National Strength and Condition Association (NSCA). I spent time working with coaches and athletes at top Division I colleges using science to train world-class athletes. I have used science and proven methods to improve their game, come see how can take your game to the next level!