Matt – Seattle club

Hey, my name is Matt! I recently graduated the University of Washington with a B.S in Human Physiology/Biology. I aspire to eventually become a Physician and specialize in either sports medicine or anesthesiology. But I have always wanted to be a personal trainer, and I want to use these next few years off school to be able to help others grow both physically and mentally and to use this opportunity to interact with my clientele in a more personable manner.

I have been in the fitness industry for a little over 5 years. I began as a powerlifter but as I acquired more knowledge in the realm of nutrition, human sciences, and overall general health –, I can also coach physique and bodybuilding. So, whether it is general strength, functionality, weight loss or various other principles – I would love to be a part in attaining your goals.
In my free time I enjoy lifting weights, listening to EDM, spending time with my family and puppy, and volunteering at Swedish Hospital.