Jhalen – Monroe club

Do you bounce back, or bounce backwards? This question is something you must ask yourself. We all live in this crazy world together. Yet, this one life that we have is BEAUTIFUL! We have to utilize it to its fullest potential. I grew up a tri-sport athlete: baseball, basketball, and football. I have always been the underdog but progression, focus, dedication, and heart along way. I had the opportunity to play Division 1 football right out of high school. Unfortunately, I blew out my shoulder. All offers were lost so I asked myself, do you bounce back, or bounce backwards? I started training harder than I ever had and got into mixed martial arts. I had an amateur fight set up, then was going to make it professional but, broke my arm during a jiu jitsu session, a plate and six screws later, I had to ask myself one again, do you bounce back, or bounce backwards? Since then I transitioned back into my 1st love, and currently play semiprofessional football for the Western WA Football Allegiance.

When it comes to training and my style of it, I’m cool, calm, and collective, but I will REFUSE to let you quit. I will be that motivation and the drive that you need. I have a great formula that works for not only myself, but my clients as well. When it comes to dropping body fat and holding as much lean mass as possible, I will get you to your ideal size, weight, and strength. All you have to do is give me your focus, dedication, and most importantly, your heart. “We all get detracted; the question is, would you bounce back, or bounce backwards?”