Ian Branham _Everett Club

I’m Ian, a Personal Trainer from Arlington WA. What initially sparked my love for Fitness was growing up in a family surrounded by martial-arts. Everyone involved in that aspect of my life was constantly working out, training and sparing 5-6 days a week always pushing themselves to be better.

As far as my own fitness goals, I train to simply be better than I was the day before. We all have room to grow no matter how far we have come, so I never set any other goal than to compete with myself. It is that same mentality I strive to instill in each of my clients because once you stop competing with others, take your mind off the negative aspects of where you currently are and only focus on bettering yourself everyday.. then you have no choice but to progress. Along the way there will be learning curves to overcome, and that is where I come in. Educating people with both lots of experience and zero experience to progress safely and efficiently. I take the “Personal” part of Personal Trainer very seriously. By taking time to thoroughly dial in on my client’s goals, state of mind, and what drives them, I’m able to offer the accountability people need in order to continue pursuing their goals even when the want to give up. This has allowed my clients to not only drop the fat and stack the muscle, but also to create a healthier state of mind as well. Don’t worry about where you are, focus on where you want to be and together, we will get you there.