Catherine Kha _Monroe Club

Hey superstars! My name is Catherine and I’ve been here with ECA for almost a year now. I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Washington University in Clinical Physiology which focuses on the study of human structure and function that could be applied towards areas of physical therapy, athletic training, injury prevention and rehabilitation. I have a background in nutrition, therapeutic exercises, and experience working with collegiate athletes and dealing with injuries.

My love for health and fitness started almost a decade ago and has only continued to grow as I saw how it has changed my body and mind over the years not only for myself, but for other people as well. I want to share my love for fitness and knowledge with whoever I can, so they too can develop that same passion for themselves. Fitness has shown me that anything can be achieved with strength and disciplinary actions that’ll support your desired outcome. As your trainer, I hope to focus on methods that’ll help you gain strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility. I aim to get you excited about your workouts and help motivate and challenge you to do things you didn’t think were possible by creating a strong mind-to-body relationship. Whatever your goals may be, I believe health and fitness should enrich your life and create a healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling lifestyle. By taking this step together, we can not only achieve yours goals but build a stronger and healthier you!

Specialties: Lean muscle growth, strength training, nutrition, fat loss, and injury rehabilitation and prevention.