Brodrick – Seattle club

What’s up guys? I’m Brodrick but you can just call me Brodie! I am a Washington Native and grew up in White Center. I played football and boxed at Sea Mar gym for a huge portion of my life and I was given multiple scholarships to local Division II and Division 1 programs. I realized that athletics wasn’t the route for me as a defensive lineman at the height of 5 foot 10. I decided that my future in sports would be limited. I focused on the longevity and quality of life, losing 137 lbs. leaving me at 153 lbs. at my lowest while at the same time obtaining my degree in Kinesiology through Washington State University and Central Washington University (Des Moines Campus).

After having earned my NASM certification, I developed a love for Bodybuilding and competing in local NPC recognized shows. I am the father of the cutest 1 year old boy, Kyson. He is my world so my time outside of the gym is spent reading children’s books and mixing formula instead of protein shakes.