Our Trainers

Danny Palmer _Everett Club

Hello! I’m Danny and I’m an ACE certified personal trainer from Mill Creek, WA. Since the age of 12 I struggled with being extremely overweight and living a consistently unhealthy lifestyle. I fell in love with the ability to change my body through nutrition and exercise after my first time in a gym. Currently I’m continuing to train for strength and hypertrophy while keeping the fat off. After studying nutrition and exercise for multiple years I began to enjoy all aspects of it. As a trainer my goals are to educate and bring others to success in their own fitness goals as efficiently as possible. The success my clients have made are ranging from 8-16 pounds of fat loss or up to 4-10 pounds of muscle (LBM) within their first month. My style of training will vary by person but can expect a mix of circuits, free-weights and machines.

Yousif Al-Azzawi _Everett Club

My name is Yousif Al-Azzawi. I was born in 1993 in Baghdad. Between the ages of 12-16 I was overweight, unconfident, and  really shy. After that time period I made the decision to change and lock down my new personal goals that I had mind.  I reached the goals and then within 2 years I started as a personal trainer to change people’s lives, just like I changed my own. I absolutely love helping other people get into shape, get stronger, and gain self worth and confidence. Fun fact about me: I play flamenco guitar.

Ian Branham _Everett Club

I’m Ian, a Personal Trainer from Arlington WA. What initially sparked my love for Fitness was growing up in a family surrounded by martial-arts. Everyone involved in that aspect of my life was constantly working out, training and sparing 5-6 days a week always pushing themselves to be better.

As far as my own fitness goals, I train to simply be better than I was the day before. We all have room to grow no matter how far we have come, so I never set any other goal than to compete with myself. It is that same mentality I strive to instill in each of my clients because once you stop competing with others, take your mind off the negative aspects of where you currently are and only focus on bettering yourself everyday.. then you have no choice but to progress. Along the way there will be learning curves to overcome, and that is where I come in. Educating people with both lots of experience and zero experience to progress safely and efficiently. I take the “Personal” part of Personal Trainer very seriously. By taking time to thoroughly dial in on my client’s goals, state of mind, and what drives them, I’m able to offer the accountability people need in order to continue pursuing their goals even when the want to give up. This has allowed my clients to not only drop the fat and stack the muscle, but also to create a healthier state of mind as well. Don’t worry about where you are, focus on where you want to be and together, we will get you there.

Brandon James _Everett Club

I am originally from Gig harbor Washington. I got into fitness through my athletic career. I saw the amazing results I was able to achieve in my own training thanks to an awesome coach I wanted to be able to pass that on to all the clients I see whether it be weight loss, muscle gain or athletic performance.

My current fitness goals are to get back below 10% body fat and maintain strength and mobility to slay on the golf course. My training style changes depending on the client I’m working with. I have a lot of experience with injury rehab/prevention and athletic performance. My goal when training is to generate the best results in the shortest amount of time possible and having a kick-ass time along the way.

Ryan Andrews _Everett club

Hi! I’m Ryan. I’m a NASM certified personal trainer and I love training here at ECA. I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ where I spent my days playing soccer, hiking, and playing music (my other passion). I grew up as a chubby kid who lacked  confidence. As I got older I educated myself on the importance of proper nutrition and exercise and immediately fell in love with fitness. I love helping others realize their full potential and helping them to reach their own personal fitness goals.
Interesting fact: Call of duty and pickle ball are life.

Davonn Brumfield _Everett Club

My name is Davonn and I am from Vallejo, California. I Played college football at Midwestern State University and my love for athletics led me into the fitness world. My style of training emphasizes trust, consistency, motivation and accountability! I put the “person” when in personal training!  I enjoy using my personality to inspire, encourage, and equip others to reach their full potential.

Andre Jordan _Everett Club

My name is Andre Jordan, I grew up in Washington and began playing all kinds of sports at the age of 4. I found my favorite sport which I went on to play for 10 years being soccer. I began to lift weights in middle school, with very little knowledge or guidance. I would watch YouTube videos and read magazines and just pick the hardest workout thinking that would generate the best results. After falling into a twisted time of life of a few years in drugs I found my new love of fitness through high intense functional training. It was the best training philosophy I had found to challenge myself and stay out of trouble. As I fell more in love with seeing the results in my own body, I began to spend my time truly understanding strength progressions, metabolic pathways and body mechanics. I pride myself and my clients on moving with purpose and function. The core focus of all the training plans I implement revolve around getting stronger through pressing, pulling and squatting, individualizing hypertrophy work around weakness and touching different metabolic pathways on a weekly basis. I use functional strength and conditioning principles to help the body adapt and grow to help you become the most well-rounded, fit individual you can be.

DJ _Everett Club

My name is Dustin Blair and i was born and raised right here in Washington. I was lucky enough to get introduced to fitness at a young age playing sports with my brother and started weight training senior year of high school when my dad got me my first bench press. Once you see results is when it becomes addicting and i have been lifting ever since. I would say that i don’t have any specific fitness goals for myself. I believe you have to be satisfied with never being satisfied when it comes to fitness. The style of training that i practice is strictly strength progression using mostly free weights.

I’m all about working smarter and not harder when it comes to getting someone to their goal. Food is by far the most overlooked aspect in fitness where i know everyone struggles but finding the perfect diet for your specific body type is the key to getting in shape –that with a proper/consistent lifting regimen and you’re golden. That’s where i come in!

Kristi _Everett Club

Hello, I am Kristi from Edmonds, Washington. My love for fitness started 6 years ago when I was at my heaviest and decided it was time to make some changes. My own weight loss journey is what fueled my passion to want to help others the same way I was helped. The past year I have focused my own training towards body building for figure competitions and nutrition so I can look and feel my very best. I believe in individualized training programs for my clients, which means I tailor your workouts to your lifestyle and goals. This gives my clients life long results mentally and physically with an overall sense of optimal health.

Emily Donelly _Monroe Club

I graduated from Monroe high school with an extensive background in athletics. I played varsity soccer, basketball, and cross country being captain of both. After graduating, I competed in two bodybuilding competitions, placing high in the figure, fitbody, and bodybuilding categories. I then spent five months traveling around to different countries.

I’m currently NASM certified and have a huge passion for health and fitness. I love sharing my knowledge with others and helping hold them accountable to reaching their own individual goals, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle for my lifetime.

Duran Chilton _Monroe Club

My philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life. Together we will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular fitness activities and the integration of guided fitness programs making your health goals become a reality in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment. “EAT BIG, LIFT BIG, LOSE WEIGHT!”

NAFT Certified Trainer
CPR/AED/First Aid 
Natural Bodybuilding Competitor (x4)
Certified Diesel Technician (Skagit Valley College)
Certified Welder (ECC)

Bodybuilding, automotive enthusiast, nutrition, photography, travel, life philosophy, trying new things!

Catherine Kha _Monroe Club

Hey superstars! My name is Catherine and I’ve been here with ECA for almost a year now. I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Washington University in Clinical Physiology which focuses on the study of human structure and function that could be applied towards areas of physical therapy, athletic training, injury prevention and rehabilitation. I have a background in nutrition, therapeutic exercises, and experience working with collegiate athletes and dealing with injuries.

My love for health and fitness started almost a decade ago and has only continued to grow as I saw how it has changed my body and mind over the years not only for myself, but for other people as well. I want to share my love for fitness and knowledge with whoever I can, so they too can develop that same passion for themselves. Fitness has shown me that anything can be achieved with strength and disciplinary actions that’ll support your desired outcome. As your trainer, I hope to focus on methods that’ll help you gain strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility. I aim to get you excited about your workouts and help motivate and challenge you to do things you didn’t think were possible by creating a strong mind-to-body relationship. Whatever your goals may be, I believe health and fitness should enrich your life and create a healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling lifestyle. By taking this step together, we can not only achieve yours goals but build a stronger and healthier you!

Specialties: Lean muscle growth, strength training, nutrition, fat loss, and injury rehabilitation and prevention.