“My Name is Nate Ramirez. The team at ECA asked me to give the FITNESS CHALLENGE participants a quick look into my fitness adventure! A year prior to me walking in here, I was at my heaviest weight of 380 lbs. After running a lot trying a couple of fad diets, I had noticed I had plateaued at 300 lbs. A really good friend of mine had suggested I come here; he has been a member for years. I set goals and I wanted to see how ECA could help me reach them.
Before coming to ECA I didn’t have any formal training other than playing some sports in highschool, so I came in here with an open mind! I am a VET I was in the NAVY for nine years and there is a NAVY philosophy I go by “ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT ONE FAMILY” anytime I immerse myself in anything major I like to try to go by that philosophy. At Emerald City every single one of the staff members not only welcomed me but helped, encouraged, and was very supportive. They treat everyone like FAMILY. I was taught about eating right, how to lift properly, and setting short term goals for long term gains. Not only how to change myself physically but how to change my lifestyle.
They gave me the right tools but in the larger scheme of things it was up to me to DO IT.The result, what I learned and why is this important. I have been a member of ECA for about ten months and through my ten month process I reached my goal of 200lbs. The biggest thing is self motivation. The body is an amazing tool and it’s only as strong as the mind. Every single person in here is capable of doing anything you set your mind to and the family here at ECA can give you the tools you need to achieve what you want.”