“When I first started at Emerald City Athletics, I weighed over 300 pounds. I gained a lot of weight from having two children. I was always out of breath, and needed my inhaler all the time. I work at a daycare, and one of the benefits is getting a free gym membership! So I thought why not? I started coming, and got a trainer. At first, it was hard, REALLY HARD, but I was determined to lose the weight for my children, and to better my health. I stayed motivated by seeing how my body was changing. I just felt better. I had more energy and I became happier, as well as, more confident.

I have lost 143 pounds in 13 months! I workout six days a week. I have an awesome trainer that pushes me to do my best! I now have the energy to play with my children. I have inspired friends and family to get healthy! My ultimate goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. I also would like to be able to squat 250 pounds!

My favorite memory, so far, being at the gym, is going to my first boot camp. I thought “oh boy what did I get myself into!”
All the staff here at ECA are amazing! They really help you with your goals! I am so happy that I am apart of the best gym EVER!”