I have been in the fitness industry for over 40 years. I believe the biggest failure in the gym industry throughout those years has been the lack of results we have delivered to our very members. From 1990 – 2015 the percentage of obese adults in the U.S. has increased from 11.1% to 37.9%.  That is a 26.8% increase over 25 years. Relentlessly I have desired to come up with a solution to create an environment where no matter who you are, no matter what goals you have we can make your fitness goals become a reality.  So finally, after many years our team of fitness professionals and instructors have audaciously set out to do just that.  We truly believe we have solved this problem and our team has created a program where we feel confident that together we can join with you and guarantee you will receive the fitness results you desire.

How it works – We have created a program called “The Emerald City Athletics Experience”.  This program was created with our members and most importantly their results in mind.  Included with every new membership you will now have the opportunity to get 15 Personal Training Sessions ($900 Value) within the first 100 days of purchasing your membership at no extra cost to you. There are 4 different phases of the Emerald City Experience.  Phase 1 which last up to 10 days will include your initial three assessments including your individualized meal plan which will be 75% - 80% of your fitness success.  After phase 1 has been completed, you will move on to phase 2, 3 and 4 that will each last 30 days. Each of these phases will include (4) four additional thirty-minute training sessions with one of our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, the last of each phase being used as an assessment to track your results.  As long as each phase is completed and you make it through your monthly assessment every month you will have earned and be rewarded with 10% OFF of your monthly membership dues, personal training and supplements FOR LIFE! 

We truly believe that if you can commit to ECA for 100 days and allow us to service you through the Emerald City Athletics Experience completely free as a part of your membership you will not only create a habit of fitness that will last a lifetime, but you will be a healthier, happier you!

Cheers to a healthy beautiful life,

Neil Schober


Founder/Owner of Emerald City Athletics

How it works...

We have created a system called the five components of fitness, we will simply help you implement those components into your lifestyle and fitness routine.  Our team will start by giving you monthly fitness assessments based on your individual level, and teach you how to perform the fitness activities properly, while making your fitness adventure fun. We in turn ask that you as a member commit to joining us in the gym 12 times a month so we can together stay accountable. 

Fitness dreams are so much more than the weight loss or the muscle gain you will achieve but looking and feeling your best, so you can live the beautiful life that is in store for you.  So take us up on this challenge, we promise to commit to you, and in return we ask that you commit to us, as we guarantee we can help you create a reality for your fitness dreams.

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