Dear prospective employee or partner,


After being in the fitness business for over 40 years and building 4 very successful fitness organizations, we are embarking on building the best fitness organization in the greater Puget Sound area. Our goal is to expand at a rate that delivers our members the promise we make to all of them when they join. That promise being: we will get them to their desired fitness results through supplying them with the best facilities, equipment, professional training, and class instruction led by the best instructors we could find. 
We are searching for outgoing, positive people, who enthusiastically love helping people make a decision to adapt to a lifestyle of fitness that will lead them towards a healthy and productive life. We are looking for those people who truly are passionate about fitness and people, seeing them get their desired results. 
Many years ago I wrote an essay on what I thought was the perfect fitness employee, it is as true today as it was many years ago. Below is that letter. If you are truly interested in making fitness your career and possible destiny, you will read it. It will help you analyze yourself correctly as to whether you are fit for the fitness business and our company. We are looking for true believers, who will help us build what will be my last company and the most amazing, successful one thus far. I encourage you to read on. 
Lastly, we are the only company, I know of, that will not only train you up to be a quality leader who will share the profits of the company but, will actually allow you to become a partner, once you have proved yourself as a capable leader.
Looking forward to meeting those of you who share in our vision for building the absolute finest fitness company ever built.


Neil Schober


Founder & Owner of Emerald City Athletics


Please continue to read the Destiny Letter.