Get results, that last.

Fitness dreams are so much more than the weight loss or the muscle gain you will achieve but looking and feeling your best, so you can live the beautiful life that is in store for you. 

shannon frediani

Shannon Frediani

I have been very active all of my life. You name it, I did it:…

rusty gebhardt

Rusty Gebhardt

“Wow! You’ve kinda let yourself go.”  This was my thought as I looked in the…

rene crickenberger

Rene Crickenberger

My goal for the ECA Challenge was to lose a few pounds and gain muscle….

kori smith

Kori Smith

When I first started at Emerald City Athletics, I weighed over 300 pounds. I gained…

brittany burns

Brittany Burns

My journey began long before I started at Emerald City Athletics. When I was 13…

anna osterwald

Anna Osterwald

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Anna, one of our favorite…

nate ramirez

Nate Ramirez

We were in full force at ECA, with our 2016 Fitness Challenge! Everyone who signed…

stephanie popovici

Stephanie Popovici

“I joined to lose weight and get in shape. I didn’t expect to like the…

cristin roberts

Cristin Roberts

“Emerald city athletics has really changed my life. I have struggled for years since graduating…

daniel belia

Daniel Belia

“I joined ECA over a year ago with the intent to lean out, build muscle,…